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FitFarms HBMI (High Body Mass Index)

Obesity rates are forever increasing in the UK and more people are going for weight loss surgery than ever before. FitFarms HBMI is the healthy alternative to bariatric surgery.

One week at FitFarms HBMI followed up by our detailed after care programme will change the way you think about exercise and nutrition. FitFarms HBMI will help you gain back the control, reach your target weight and start living a healthy lifestyle again.

This programme has been set up to help people who have a High Body Mass Index which has started to effect their health. This programme will give you the support, one to one assistance and advice to get you back on the right track.

FitFarms HBMI provides a detailed tailor made service that will recover your health, build confidence and create a more active lifestyle.

The programme covers three key areas: Nutrition, Exercise and Psychotherapy.

All three key areas will be customised to pick you up at your particular level. You will follow a 7 day programme and our team of specialists will motivate, inform and support you the whole way. FitFarms HBMI is a great alternative to Bariatric Surgery.

The programme will involve  individual consultations where you will sit down with  a member of the team in each of the three key areas to  plan  your road back to healthy living. You will be set achievable short and long term goals and when the residential programme comes to an end your individual  after care programme will begin.

If you are not sure which programme is best suited for you calculate your BMI and contact FitFarms using our contact form. We will then be in touch to discuss your activity level taking into account your BMI result and advise you on the most suitable programme.

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The High BMI course runs all year round from all of our FitFarms Retreats. Please call the office on 0800 634 3070 or email [email protected] for a full list of dates.
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