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A 7 Day Fitness Break With FitFarms

Forget extreme boot camp, FitFarms is the ideal holiday choice for women across the UK who seek a healthier and fitter lifestyle that is both sustainable and achievable all on home soil and in a fun environment.

In both Exmoor and the Peak District women can kick start a healthy new lifestyle led by a team of health experts and professionals who together create exercises, nutritional guidance and information and workshops all designed to achieve weight loss and an overall healthier lifestyle. The 7 day holidays ensure a continued pattern of fitness with post course programmes and support extended to 3 months to ensure the new results are maintained.

FitFarms combines weight loss and the toning of the body via a controlled environment over a week. Following an initial one to one consultation with a physiotherapist and personal trainer you are then welcomed to a variety of exercises designed to suit your level of fitness. Days start with an intense exercise and finish with fun activities including Salsa and Line Dancing. There are only 20 women per course who are exposed to 15 health professionals throughout the week. To maximise the results FitFarms use their own intensity level scale which is based on heart beats per minute (HRS- Heart Rate Scale). The HRS means you are not competing with others which ultimately allows you to feel comfortable with yourself and the surroundings when exercising.