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Video Testimonials

FitFarms was established in 2006 being the first specialised
weight loss and fitness retreat in the UK. We are constantly looking to perfect the course giving our guests a fun, exciting and more importantly a life changing process. Please scroll down and click on the videos to hear what our guests say about their experience with us.

Written Testimonials

I had a mind blowing experience.
Not only has it kick started my weight loss and fitness regime, but motivated me at a difficult time in my life.
I will return feeling better in myself because of what I have achieved here.
Thank you to Julie, Sian, Marie, Mikael, Charlotte and all the other staff at FitFarms for all your effort and keeping me motivated during the week.

Stats: Name: Julie Weaver Age: 42 Weight Loss: 9lbs Body Fat Loss: 6.1% Lung Capacity Increase: 12%


I would like to say how utterly impressed I am with the team and the course in general, best £850 I have ever spent. I have now got the skills I need to continue at home and will never forget how I have pushed past so many of my own barriers. I love the way you sit down one to one with everyone on the course and plan their exercise and nutrition programmes to take home. Very detailed and very professional. Thank you FitFarms you've changed the way I think about exercise and food.

Stats: Name: Janet Kelly Age: 51 Weight Loss: 8lbs 2oz Body Fat Loss: 7.2% Lung Capacity Increase: 30%


In some ways I don't even really care about the number of pounds I've lost. What's been very important to me has been learning that if I put the right food in my body at the right time, and if I exercise regularly I will feel so much better. That can only be a good thing.
Thank you all very much. You have been such positive forces this week. I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up and was dreading that 'I'm last again school feeling' - its a great system you have Julie to prevent this situation, well done. I only ever felt encouraged and supported. Thank you, thank you, I would like to say I'll be back but the tools you have given me mean that hopefully I won't need to.

Stats: Name: Sarah McCloud Age: 31 Weight Loss: 13lbs 6oz Body Fat Loss: 8.1% Lung Capacity Increase: 28%


I was really scared leading up to the week. As you know when I attended a boot camp the marine instructors scared and demotivated me so much I ended up leaving the course on the second day and it scared me away from any form of exercise for a whole year. As soon as I arrived I felt the support I needed, thank you Julie, Marie, Charlotte, Corrine, Nicky, Julia and everyone else which made this week so informative, challenging and successful for me. I loved all the workshops but especially nutrition. This was a real eye opener for me. I have been reading Julia's columns in the Daily Telegraph and actually to get her taking the workshops was just fantastic. Thank you again to everyone who made this week so special.

Stats: Name: Elaine Wilson Age: 34 Weight Loss: 6lbs 4oz Lung Capacity Increase: 21%


The course does exactly what it says 'on the tin'. It is an excellent programme and I will recommend it to all my friends. I've lost weight, improved upper body strength, strengthened my abs, gone from walking to jogging (thank you Sian), stopped obsessing about food(thank you Mikael), cleared my head,boosted my confidence, discovered an enthusiasm for exercise and learnt to value myself all in one week. You are doing a great job thank you so much.

Stats: Name: Teresa Morley Age: 52 Weight Loss: 5lbs 8oz Body Fat Loss: 5.1% Lung Capacity Increase: 19%


The whole week was well planned, organised and executed with a friendly yet determined manner. Highlights of the week were the workshops, I felt that I was getting the most up to date, no nonsense information available. The massage was the best I've ever had. Exercise was tough but made enjoyable. I will recommend this to all friends and family.

Stats: Name: Karen Cunningham Age: 45 Weight Loss: 8lbs 2oz Body Fat Loss: 6.3% Lung Capacity Increase: 14%


It has been an incredible week for me and I would go as far to say it should be made compulsory to come on to FitFarms. It would save a lot of wasted government health money if it was. I was using this as a kick start to the new me. Having put in so much and getting so much information I know that I will carry on this new lifestyle when I get home as I do not wish to undo all the hard work. I feel better than I have done in years. I will also recommend this programme to my family and friends. Thank you for a wonderful life changing experience.

Stats: Name: Jilly Bridge Age: 44 Weight Loss: 7lbs 3oz Body Fat Loss: 4.4% Lung Capacity Increase: 28%


Big thank you, nice to re-discover the old exercising me after sitting at a desk for far too long. It was a truly amazing week and I totally know you have changed my lifestyle for the better.
Thank you, Julie, Marie, Charlotte, Sian, Julia (first class workshop), Mikael and the rest of the FitFarms team.

Stats: Name: Amy Jacobson Age: 36 Weight Loss: 11lbs 3oz Body Fat Loss: 7.1% Lung Capacity Increase: 26%


I thoroughly enjoyed my week from the minute I stepped of the train. The exercise was a bit tougher than I expected but the variety kept it interesting. Actually at the end of the week I was really starting to enjoy the early morning exercises. Your greatest asset is the team. Being friendly but firm is a hard balance to get right. Exercise workshops were outstanding and all the handouts are invaluable. Before I came here I could never get started with my exercise because the effort out balanced the results. I've now seen the results not only in weight loss but in my attitude to exercise and fitness will now take a part in my life. Thank you.

Stats: Name: Helen Grimes Age: 64 Weight Loss: 6lbs 7oz Body Fat Loss: 5.2% Lung Capacity Increase: 31%


As you quickly became aware I am not a natural exercise person. I have a very sedentary job and a natural inclination to lie down and rest! I have been pushed to my absolute limits this week and am really delighted in what I have achieved. I want to thank you for all your efforts and showing me that with a bit of effort I can achieve amazing things even at the age of 60. Its been lovely to meet you all and thank you for guiding me through the week. Surprisingly enough I had one of the most enjoyable holidays ever and will be telling all of my friends of this fabulous weight loss camp in Devon.

Stats: Name: Bridget Williams Age: 60 Weight Loss: 6lbs 7oz Body Fat Loss: 5.1% Lung Capacity Increase: 11%


I have had the most wonderful week thank you so much to all the team for helping me not only get through it but enjoy it. It has been exhausting, rewarding and inspiring and I believe I have given it my absolute all.
I think that the range and diversity of exercise was phenomenal. Defy anybody not to find something they like in there. I particularly liked all the resistance training (muscle blast, circuits class, abs class and fit ball sessions). The scenery on the walks is stunning.
The exercise and nutrition workshops are really excellent. The exercise workshop information (written in power point and read by participants from laminated print offs) are particularly strong, very well written and easily intelligible, with clever charts and planning tools.

Stats: Name: Danielle Ray (author of best weight loss retreats) Weight Loss: 5lbs 2oz Body Fat Loss: 5% Lung Capacity Increase: 14%


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